December 12, 2013

On December 5, 2013 twenty-five Fusion members enjoyed the privilege of volunteering for Operation Christmas Child at the Charlotte Processing Center. What an incredible experience! Over the four hours we were there (6-10 pm), new members met existing members, tall members hassled short members, and we all learned some new mass production skills. Between dodging rubber band wars, tape dispenser frenzy, and sampling some “illegal” chocolate, we had a blast! Not only was it fun and entertaining, it was a valuable service that expands and encourages God’s Kingdom. As I recall, 140,000 boxes were prepared on our night. Only eternity will reveal the impact that our boxes will have in the lives of the children receiving them. Please continue praying for this critical ministry and for the lives of the OCC children worldwide.
Heartfelt kudos to Honora for coordinating yet another exceptional Fusion event! And a rousing “Thank You!” to each Fusion member who participated. Hopefully you can join us next year!

DSC04673  DSC04659DSC04665





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